We are proud to announce that the NAVIS Centre in Hanoi won the first prize of the 2015 edition of the Vietnam Talent Award!

The Vietnam Talent Award is a ceremony that every year rewards the most promising research groups, new products and new discoveries in many scientific fields in Vietnam. This year the NAVIS won the only first prize for its NAVISTAR, a ready to market product totally developed by the NAVIS researchers (Hanoi University of Science and Technology). NAVISTAR is a GPS/GNSS solution for high-accuracy, high-security applications. NAVISTAR provides a unified solution (with hardware, software and a mini CORS network), complementing high-accuracy positioning techniques like RTK, PPP, post-processing to bring about better performance, reliability and security.


The NAVIS Centre was established thanks to the support of two EU FP7 projects (SEAGAL and Growing NAVIS) coordinated by NAVSAS (Navigation Technology Area of ISMB). Today the collaboration between NavSAS and NAVIS is still going on thanks to the Horizon 2020 BELS project, started in June 2015. The support of the European Union and of the European GNSS Agency – GSA was fundamental to set up the NAVIS centre and to develop its scientific skills. Indeed, also to the support of the European partners that worked in all these projects was and is a key point of the NAVIS success. The collaboration with European supporting institutions is underlined by the fact that the co-director of NAVIS centre is Prof. Gustavo Belforte from Politecnico di Torino (you can see him in the video).

BELS involves twelve partners from Europe, Asia and Australia among universities, research centres, companies and industries. The project aims to raise awareness on European Satellite Navigation (EGNSS) technology in South-East Asia, one of the most dynamic areas of the world in this field. BELS will exploit the potentialities of NAVIS, since its peculiar geographic position (excellent visibility of all the GNSS systems today available in the world and high ionospheric activity) makes it a perfect site to test GNSS solutions of European companies so as to make them ready for the global market.

Here the video of the ceremony: