First companies in Vietnam!

The first companies supported by BELS are in Vietnam in these days (mid-november 2016) to visit the NAVIS Centre. The companies are in Hanoi to understand how the NAVIS centre works and how they can exploit its geografical location. In fact, Vietnam is located in a region where all the global and regional navigation satellite systems are (or will be) available.


Companies are also intriduced to the Vientamese environment and will take part to the 8th MGA meeting in Manila next week (14-16 November): the aim is to present them the South East Asian market and its huge possibilities. The MGA will be a great opportunity for our European companies to meet the GNSS stakeholders of the Asia Pacific Region. Indeed, during this first visit BELS and NAVIS teams will work togheter with companies to plan future activites and future experiments. However, for some of them it is not simply a visit since they are already organizing the first demo and trial sessions for their GNSS solutions!

BELS offers to European GNSS companies vouchers to conduct their test activities at the NAVIS centre!

BELS Flyer Screenshot

All the info on the CALL TO VISIT THE NAVIS here

All the info on the CALL TO CARRY OUT TESTS AT THE NAVIS here

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