The BELS Final Workshop is taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam. Today and tomorrow, May 22nd and 23rd, two Training Days will offer training, hands-on and visits to South East Asian GNSS stakeholders and researchers. European and South East Asian GNSS experts are providing lectures on GNSS tedchnology and on GNSS applications at the NAVIS centre at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology – HUST, in Hanoi, Vietnam. During these two days, the lessons will be focused on four main topics:

  • Fundamentals on GNSS;
  • Overview on Precise Positioning;
  • Exercises on GNSS Signal and Data Processing;
  • Technical visit to CORS station, and RTK Demonstration on site.

The Final Agenda is available here:

The training days attendees at the HUST Ta Quang Buu Library Building during a session.


Gabriella Povero from Istituto Superiore Mario Boella – ISMB, project’s coordinator, started the first session dedicated to “Fundamentals on GNSS”.