The BELS Final Workshop took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on May 24th 2018 at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The workshop’s title is “EGNSS SOLUTIONS FOR SOUTH-EAST ASIA”. It presented all the activities carried on in BELS in the last three years: from 2015 to 2018. Several European companies shared their experience and their opinion about the potential of the European GNSS technology – EGNSS in South East Asia. The last day of our BELS Final Workshop was attended by circa 60 GNSS stakeholders and researchers coming from all South East Asia.

The workshop provided also a wide overview on the GNSS needs and uses in this region: local researchers, from several South East Asian countries, presented their local GNSS activities and projects. Both European and Asian researchers provided an interesting overview on the most promising GNSS applications, with a focus on South East Asian needs and on the European system Galileo.

Ms. Axelle Nicaise, Head of Politics, Press & Information Section at the EU Delegation to Vietnam welcomed all the attendees, after the first speech from Prof. DINH Van Phong, Vice President of Hanoi University Science and Technology.