European companies and institutions in the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) sector are experiencing a shortage of GNSS trained human power to sustain and expand their business, their RTD activities, and their internationalization. BELS+ is carrying on some concrete actons to help to mitigate this problem. Whitin this framework a Questionnaire on the Matching of Demand for GNSS Experts in EU has been prepared to help our team to maximize the impact of our activities. This questionnaire aims to get a clear picture of their needs and preferences in terms of possible supporting actions for contacting and recruiting human resources in their search for skilled human power.The completed answers to this questionnaire which we receive will be summarized anonymously, grouped and evaluated into an action plan.

The questionnaire can be found on this page.


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Write to us an email (info(at) with your job offer and we will publish it on our website in the EGNSS Jobs page. We will also promote it at the job fairs in Torino, Italy, and in Barcelona, Spain, in spring 2019! All the info in the following news:

BELS+ will be at the Forum Telecos job fair in Barcelona

BELS+ at the Politecnico di Torino Carrier Day in Torino