Today, Wednesday 24th the BELS+ Special Session: Galileo – Status and Innovative Solutions for Precise Positioning is taking place in the ESRI Room of the FIG conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. In this special session, officers from European Union bodies are presenting the Galileo system and its main characteristics, BELS+ team is introducing the Galileo Demo Centre in Hanoi, while representatives from EU companies participating in BELS+ are talking about advanced EGNSS solutions.

Dr. Pavlina Nikolova from the European Commission is presenting the latest developments of the Galileo system


Dr. Joaquim Fortuny-Guasch from the European Commission Joint Research Centre is presenting an European Commission project focused on providing Ionosphere Predictions for GNSS users

Dr. Patrik Henkel from ANavS, a German company, is presenting its latest EGNSS products based on RTK

Mark Dumville from NSL, UK, is presenting the emerging applications exploiting GNSS receivers networks

The agenda of the special session is available below: