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Event “Opportunities for European GNSS companies in South East Asia” in Barcelona

The event “Opportunities for European GNSS companies in South East Asia” took place today, July the 12th 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. As the first BELS+ Training Program on GNSS Data Processing, also this event is hosted by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC. The BELS+ partners from bavAIRia, ISMB and UPC presented the BELS+ [...]

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The first BELS+ Training Program on GNSS Data Processing started today in Barcelona, Spain!

The three days Professional Training on “GNSS Data Processing: Theory and Practical Exercises” is started! The Training Program is hosted by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya – UPC, partner of the BELS+ project. The course will last three days. This is a practical course on GNSS data processing, with more than 40% of content dedicated [...]

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1st BELS+ Call for Expression of Interest to participate in the GNSS Demo Centre at the NAVIS in Hanoi

Do you want to establish new business relations to South East Asia by installing your GNSS application at the GNSS Demo Centre of the NAVIS in Hanoi, Vietnam? This is an excellent way to accelerate your opportunities at the SEA market: let your GNSS hardware or software become part of the latest GNSS technology showcase [...]

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“Barcelona rings to the sound of BELS+” a news dedicated to BELS+ on GSA website

The European GNSS Agency - GSA dedicated a whole news to the BELS+ project and to our coming activities in Barcelona, Spain. You can find the news at the following link www.gsa.europa.eu/newsroom/news/barcelona-rings-sound-bels Here the whole news: BELS+ develops GNSS markets for EU companies and helps EU GNSS applications gain a foothold in South East Asia [...]

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The registrations for the first BELS+Training Program and first BELS+ Event are open

Are you a company? On July the 12th will take place the first BELS+ event dedicated to companies interested in South East Asia. The first BELS+EVENT “Opportunities for European GNSS companies in South East Asia” will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on July the 12th, 2018. The BELS+ workshop aims to raise the attention of [...]

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BELS Final Workshop – EGNSS Solutions for South-East Asia – Last day

The BELS Final Workshop took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on May 24th 2018 at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The workshop’s title is “EGNSS SOLUTIONS FOR SOUTH-EAST ASIA”. It presented all the activities carried on in BELS in the last three years: from 2015 to 2018. Several European companies shared their experience and [...]

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BELS Final Workshop in Hanoi: second day

The second training day of the BELS Final Workshop in Hanoi started with an intense morning dedicated to Exercises on GNSS Signals and Data Processing. Today afternoon we visited the Vietnamese  CORS stations network headquarter and we had a RTK demonstration on site. Training days attendants had also the possibility to try some hands-on RTK [...]

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BELS Final Workshop in Hanoi: Training Days

The BELS Final Workshop is taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam. Today and tomorrow, May 22nd and 23rd, two Training Days will offer training, hands-on and visits to South East Asian GNSS stakeholders and researchers. European and South East Asian GNSS experts are providing lectures on GNSS tedchnology and on GNSS applications at the NAVIS centre at the Hanoi [...]

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