Call for Expression of Interest to carry out tests at the NAVIS Centre in Hanoi

Do you have a GNSS application, a new GNSS hardware or software? Do you need to test it? Do you need to use all the GNSS and regional constellations available in the world today? The South East Asia region has the highest Multi-GNSS coverage in the world: all GNSSs (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou) and regional (the Japanese QZSS and the Indian IRNSS) systems are visible. The NAVIS Centre is the ideal place to run your test for the Multi-GNSS environment. European companies can exploit the facilities of the NAVIS, our R&D Centre on GNSS in Hanoi for tests, research activities and to establish new links with GNSS stakeholders in the South East Asian region.


The NAVIS Centre in Hanoi
The NAVIS Centre is based at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Hanoi, Vietnam. Founded in 2010 within another project, the NAVIS is linked with the most important GNSS R&D centres in Europe and Australia. As the SEA region has the highest Multi-GNSS coverage, it is therefore the ideal place to compare and test performance and opportunities offered by the different global navigation satellite systems. The research activity of the NAVIS is focused on software defined radio Multi-GNSS receivers, techniques for precise positioning, low-latitude ionospheric monitoring, GNSS applications for ITS, technology transfer, etc. Many of its researchers have studied in Europe and are used to the European environment.

Call for Expression of Interest
This second Call for Expression of Interest offers vouchers to visit the NAVIS Centre in Vietnam in order to conduct tests of GNSS equipment and solutions. European GNSS companies working in this field can apply. Moreover, these visits provide also an opportunity to establish links with GNSS stakeholders in South East Asia and to present the European expertise.

Frame Conditions
European companies involved in EGNSS activities can apply for a voucher to visit the NAVIS Centre in Vietnam in order to conduct tests in this Multi-GNSS environment. The duration of their stay depends on the particular demand of the company.
Applicants can apply at any time, starting from October 1, 2016. Approximately every 3 months all applications received will be evaluated and which applications are going to be funded will be determined. The call will be closed when the budget available for this activity is fully allocated, latest end of 2017. The first evaluation is envisaged for January/February 2017.
Successful applicants will get financial support in the form of a voucher of up to 10,500 Euro. This includes travel and accommodation expenses for up to 5 days in Hanoi of up to 2,500 Euro and a voucher of up to 8,000 Euro per company to cover costs for the conduction of tests, such as import/export of equipment. Applicants have to confirm that they don’t receive any funding for this activity besides the BELS funding. Double funding is not permitted.
By applying to this call, applicants agree that it is their full responsibility to arrange all matters (e.g. insurance, customs, shipment) according to the local rules and regulations with regards to the import/export of their equipment for the purpose of testing their equipment at the NAVIS centre. This agreement releases bavAIRia e.V. and / or other partners of the BELS Project from all liability related to matters concerning equipment, insurance, customs, etc.

Selection Process
All applicants will be selected against the following five criteria:
•    the company is based in the EU
•    the company deals with EGNSS equipment and solutions
•    the company’s motivation to visit the NAVIS
•    the company’s proposed activity to be carried out in NAVIS is relevant to EGNSS
•    the company’s proposed solution/service to be tested in the NAVIS has market potential with respect to Europe and / or South East Asia
In case of parity in the evaluation of applications, a balanced geographical distribution in Europe will be sought.
Each well received proposal will be confirmed by email within two weeks. (During holidays please expect some delay.) Interested companies will be selected by the BELS consortium and have the opportunity to conduct tests at the NAVIS. Furthermore, the selected companies will be introduced to SEA officers and meetings could be organized during their stay in Hanoi.
After the successful completion of the selection process, the applicants will be informed by email within six weeks after the corresponding closure deadline. Information will be given whether they have been selected or not, a debriefing of the evaluation is not foreseen. The selected companies have two weeks upon disclosure of their award to confirm their participation in the visits to the NAVIS Centre in Hanoi. In case they don’t or they should withdraw, the unused resources will be allocated to other applicants who have already applied or will apply in the future. After having booked their travels and having organized the necessary shipping, the selected companies should send a travel reimbursement form to bavAIRia in order to get the financial support.

Expression of Interest
In case a company expresses its interest in visiting the NAVIS, the application document has to include the following information:
•    a short company profile
•    the present company know-how and activities in the field of EGNSS
•    a motivation letter including:

o    the reason for their interest and expectations regarding the visit
o    the proposed activity to be carried out in NAVIS as well as its relevance to EGNSS
o    the market potential of their proposed activity

•    a description of the planned test as well as the setup including a list of technical requirements
•    a possible time schedule for the test (preferred month)
•    the CV (in Europass format) of the person who is planned to visit the NAVIS (a downloadable template with instructions is available at
•    the contact details of the person appointed to be the single point of contact towards bavAIRia e.V.
The number of pages of the application to be submitted should not exceed 12 pages in total. Bids should be submitted by email, in English, which is the working language of the project, and in pdf-format to Exchange of information like e.g. questions and answers, confirmations of receipt, etc. are to be done via email, only.

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Project Manager
Space Applications

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