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Galileo and South East Asia

The European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), offers free, authenticated and accurate navigation and positioning signals on a worldwide scale. This is especially attractive for regions, which do not maintain an own GNSS like e.g. the ASEAN states in South East Asia. At the same time the region stands for high economic growth rates of the order of 5 % per quarter, while inflation is low. South East Asia and the ten ASEAN member states comprise the world’s third largest economy in the world.


The NAVIS Centre

NAVIS is an international collaboration centre on R&D in satellite navigation technologies at the Hanoi University of Science & Technologies (HUST). Its work and expertise are internationally recognised by prestigious and important organisations as the United Nation’s International Committee on GNSS (ICG). It has won prizes like the Vietnam Talent Award in the field of IT, it engages in Horizon 2020 projects supported by the European Union and promotes in this context the European GNSS Galileo. From autumn 2018 on the NAVIS will not only function as a test centre for your GNSS equipment, but offers on top, with financial support of the European GNSS Agency GSA, a show case for latest European GNSS technologies and applications.