The first BELS+ Call for Expression of Interest

to participate in the GNSS Demo Centre at the NAVIS in Hanoi is online!

Do you want to establish new business relations to South East Asia by installing your GNSS application at the GNSS Demo Centre of the NAVIS in Hanoi? This is an excellent way to accelerate your opportunities at the SEA market: let your GNSS hardware or software become part of the latest GNSS technology showcase in SEA!

From the technical side, the NAVIS Centre is the ideal place to run your equipment in a multi-GNSS environment, since its suitable geographical location guarantees the highest GNSS satellites (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou) coverage. Your advantage? You can demonstrate the full capabilities and excellence of your equipment in e.g. precise point positioning, low-latitude ionospheric monitoring or GNSS applications for ITS.

From the marketing side, the Demo Centre provides your company the opportunity to establish business relations in the SEA region. It is a perfect way to promote your products or services as well as to find the right SEA business partners and potential customers. The NAVIS Centre is the place for business relations between European and South East Asian GNSS professionals.

The Demo Centre is open since October 2018. Click on the photo to go to the dedicated page.

Applicants can apply at any time, starting from June 2018. The call will be closed when the budget available for this activity is fully allocated, latest autumn 2019. All applications received will be evaluated approximately every 3 months.

Successful applicants will get financial support in form of a voucher including:

  • up to 2,500 Euro for travel to and accommodation expenses in Hanoi and
  • up to 3,000 Euro for expenses in connection with the set-up of the demos (shipping, import/export of equipment, …).

The call can be downloaded cliking on the following picture. All the other practical info are available in Annex I, Annex II and AnnexIII.

Do you want to meet in person the BELS+ team? Check-out our Events Calendar, find us and drop us an email!

Galileo and South East Asia

The European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), offers free, authenticated and accurate navigation and positioning signals on a worldwide scale. This is especially attractive for regions, which do not maintain an own GNSS like e.g. the ASEAN states in South East Asia. At the same time the region stands for high economic growth rates of the order of 5 % per quarter, while inflation is low. South East Asia and the ten ASEAN member states comprise the world’s third largest economy in the world.

The NAVIS Centre

NAVIS is an international collaboration centre on R&D in satellite navigation technologies at the Hanoi University of Science & Technologies (HUST). Its work and expertise are internationally recognised by prestigious and important organisations as the United Nation’s International Committee on GNSS (ICG). It has won prizes like the Vietnam Talent Award in the field of IT, it engages in Horizon 2020 projects supported by the European Union and promotes in this context the European GNSS Galileo. From autumn 2018 on the NAVIS will not only function as a test centre for your GNSS equipment, but offers on top, with financial support of the European GNSS Agency GSA, a show case for latest European GNSS technologies and applications.