EU and SEA Space Solutions 2018-06-08T17:01:31+00:00

The European Space Week brings together business and public sector with users and developers of systems using space technology and satellite services. After Brussels, London, Munich, Prague and The Hague, Marseille will be the host for the event in 2018, this time beginning of December.

Digitalisation and space help to connect continents: The European Space Week 2018 will host presentations on EGNSS applications, challenges and solutions related to South East Asia and its markets. More information will soon be available on the website of the ESW 2018.

One year later in 2019, an offshoot of the European Space Week will be hosted in South East Asia in partnership with a local GNSS event in South East Asia. This new “European Asian Space Solution (EASS)” will give opportunities to European companies to demonstrate their EGNSS applications and solutions on the South East Asian markets. Exhibitions and networking events will facilitate first contacts and market access. More information will be available end of 2018.