The idea behind the first BELS project was simple: to implements a set of coordinated actions to promote EGNSS technologies in South East Asia – SEA. BELS aimed at consolidating the results achieved in past years by two former EU funded projects so as to maximise their outcomes. Within the first project “SEAGAL” the NAVIS Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam was build up. The second project “Growing NAVIS” has contributed to the growth of the NAVIS, enhancing its technical capabilities and strengthening its cooperation with Europe, while starting a fruitful cooperation with important actors in the region. BELS ended in May 2018. The project was successful: it helped several european GNSS companies to test their GNSS applications in Asia and to know a new market, it organized several workshops about the european GNSS technology, it build new links between european and asian GNSS researchers.

BELS+ starts from BELS’ achievements, focusing on the promotion of the EU GNSS technology in the South East Asia region. BELS+ will support EU companies that developed GNSS products and services to enter in the SEA market exploiting the NAVIS centre and its skilled researchers. BELS+ will enable the NAVIS to present the complete european GNSS value-added chain.