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Are you a European professional and do you want to know more about Satellite Navigation? BELS+ Professional Training will offer you training sessions on positioning techniques with more than 40% of hand-on sessions! All the Professional Training days will be advertized on this page.

And if you are in South East Asia, just wait: in 2019 BELS+ Professional Training will move East to offer training opportunities in that region.

Are you a European researcher, student or GNSS professional? You can apply for a voucher to participate in our Indonesian event! All the info on our Workshop and Training Days is available in this news.

DEADLINE 3 July 2019!

Successful applicants will be reimbursed (upon delivery of all receipts, boarding passes) the costs of accommodation in Bandung, local transportation tickets and of a round trip air ticket (economy) from the country of origin to Bandung. They will also receive a maximum per diem of 38,00 EUR (which will be subject to deduction) to cover living expenses. A total maximum amount of EUR 2500 (two thousand five hundred) will be allocated to each applicant.

All the info here.