You are an innovative, Europe-based company with a ready product (or service) in GNSS, be it hardware or software?

The NAVIS offers your product (or service) to become part of the “EGNSS Demo Centre” at HUST. Your demo product (or service) will be presented within a (semi-)permanent exhibition at the NAVIS, and serve as a snapshot of the latest European GNSS technology and application scene. The expert staff at the NAVIS is looking forward to welcome and support you together with your GNSS product (or service).



In the excellently equipped laboratory of the NAVIS, you as a European company can test your GNSS equipment’s for robustness against ionospheric scintillations and for its full functionality and interoperability with the world’s GNSS and WAAS systems.


Show casing

The Demo Centre, a specifically assigned Demo room with brightly illuminated glass show cases, gives you the opportunity to present your ready product (or service) to a broad audience of GNSS users and appliers. And when you are back at home the Navis staff, once instructed by you, will show the various functionalities and unique selling propositions of your product (or service) to interested visitors, potential investors and customers.


Networking and market access

Event schemes and exhibitions around the GNSS demo centre will facilitate your networking and your companies and products’ (services’) access to the South East Asian market. For a calendar of events and related opportunities, please click into the News section of this website.


For details on the cost of the various services and on the possibilities of financial support, when you entrust your GNSS hardware/software solution with the NAVIS staff, please directly contact the NAVIS centre.